I feel tricked — Nobody told me that this was how it would be growing up!

As a child, many of you have probably been tripping and counting down to the day when you finally become a grown-up. The day when you finally can decide on everything in life! The biggest lie there is… When you finally grow up you realize that there is a big lie everyone has kept from you. You are not free to live whatever life you want because there is a hidden list of expectations that suddenly show up when you become a member of the grown-up club. A list of things you should and should not do. …

Create your own dynamic sitemap with next.js!

To get your page indexed and all sites discovered by Google you should maybe provide a compass to help — also known as a Sitemap. A sitemap is a list of all routes on your page that you want Google to index. Let’s make a dynamic sitemap for your Next.js app without any plugins or libraries!

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

🗺 What is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is a set of URLs written as an XML file (sitemap.xml). The image below is a screenshot of a sitemap from one of my pages written with Next.js called InkTemplate:

It might be that they don’t understand you

We all compete to get our sites to the top of the search engine results using all the SEO tricks we can think about. It is very likely that you are missing out on 74% of your potential visitors sitting right in front of you. The only problem — they might not understand you.

We all strive to get more visitors and a good ranking at the search engines like Google. …

Confetti is fun but can be a bit messy. Here is how you can create a splash screen with raining confetti in React. I promise — no cleaning up afterward 🙏

Screenshot from InkTemplate.com

I have created a new app called InkTemplate — a service creating custom printable table cards, place cards, menus, etc for any event, birthday, or wedding. You simply bring your guest list and InkTemplate provides over 150 designs, fonts, and colors for you to select. I wanted to center the design around the festive part of preparing for guests and got inspiration from one of the designs with confetti. I wanted to add some colors and fun to the page and confetti it was!

Do you like to add some confetti as well?

👩‍💻 Let's do some coding

Firstly, we need to install react-confetti using…

Random sampling tutorial:

How to pick a random sample in a non-uniform distribution solved in python, java, and javascript.

I bet you have come across the situation where you have to pick a random item for a set of items? This has a quite simple solution as all items have the same probability of being picked.

But what if each item has a different probability for being picked — in other words — the distribution is not uniform. How can this be solved? It is not a hard problem to solve, but you might not find yourself bumping into this problem very often in your daily programming work.

Let's have a look at an example and solve it using…

Docker database image for local development:

How you can set up your local development database using docker. Fast and simple.

Photo by Ishant Mishra on Unsplash

When setting up a new project there is sometimes a comprehensive list of prerequisites to be able to run a project. In this short tutorial, we will set up a local database using the docker image. As an example, we will use PostgreSQL but you are free to pick your database of choice.

Prerequisite: The first and only thing you need is Docker. I downloaded Docker Desktop to get started on my mac (you are free to use whatever docker installation you prefer).

Let's get started! 🙌

✌️My 3 main reasons why

My three main reasons for using docker database image for your local development…

App translation tutorial:

Did you know that English is not the most spoken language in the world? Let's create a react app supporting multiple language translations using react-intl.

I created a page called #onefortheocean trying to engage young people getting out collecting garbage to save it from ending up in our ocean. Kids all over the world speak different languages and I wanted to make my page available for everyone by using i18n (react-intl).

Just started translating the app I am working on

🌐 What does I18N mean?

Whenever looking at content talking about translations you might come across the weird word “i18n”. This is a term short for “internationalization”. “i” + 18 letters + “n” = internationalization 🤷‍♀

Should you translate your app?

When starting a project it is easy to just hardcode any text directly into your code. What you might want to ask yourself…

TypeScript tutorial:

Create your own menu using React, hooks, TypeScript, and styled-components.

I prefer a simple menu that won't feel intrusive on my webpage taking the focus away from the content — yet available for my users at all times. Together, we will create a simple sticky hamburger menu!

🍔 What is a hamburger menu?
#2 🍽 The tech ingredients
⚙️ Making the minimum working menu
#4 💃 Adding movement using transitions
#5 📱 Adding adjustments for mobile
#6 🎣 Adding custom hooks (click events)
#7 🎉 All code put together

🍔 What’s a hamburger menu?

I think the name “hamburger” is simply a word to visualize the menu icon used looking like a…

Have you ever looked at an item’s name and wondered — how did it get its name?

One day I was drinking an ice-cold 7up and asked myself — Why is this soda named 7Up?! By doing some research I found that nobody has managed to confirm the origin of the name “7Up“and remains as a mystery to be solved. Let’s have a quick look at the history of 7Up and the many theories behind its name.

Photo by Ganesh Partheeban on Unsplash

The short history

What we know as 7UP today was introduced as “Bib-label Lithiated Lemon-lime Soda” in the 1920s. “Bib-label Lithiated Lemon-lime Soda” sounds like something…

A traveling nomad living her dream on her sailboat “Hello World” sailing around the world. Is it as charming as it might sound? I used to live in Norway working as a software developer living in my apartment in Oslo — now my new address is “wherever the wind will take me” 🌊 and my new office is “wherever good coffee and wifi exist” ☕️ I want to share my journey and share my key learnings from living as a digital nomad so far.

Sunset — it’s where the magic happens

The idea of living in a sailboat sailing around the world, propelled by the wind, sounds…

Marte Løge

Sailing software developer living on “ SY Hello World” in the Caribbean. Love programming, sailing, cats, and flowers.

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